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    i am using the 2.6.2 image with dump1090-mutability in conjunction with beast-splitter since i am using a mode-s beast..

    things are working so far, local dump1090 map is working and showing a message rate, flightaware is working as well, getting mlat results back etc.

    BUT..somehow the performance graphs

    Message Rate
    Message Rate (Trailing)
    Signal Level
    Aircraft Message Rate

    are not working. All i get ist a 404 error. I have a parallel installation with an FA ProstickPlus with the same image and also Dump1090-Mutability and the graphs are working on that receiver.

    Are there any issues with the graphs and beast-splitter/Mode-S Beast? At least the message rate gets to dump1090, since i can see it on the live map?!

    Seems like i am missing some of these rrd files like




    Perhaps the graphs script only creates graphs for local messages which aren’t really local, since i am using beast-splitter what makes them remote messages?



    Hi, sorry cant help you with you specific question but I am about to enter the world of Mode S, with a dual receiver Radarcape. I have only ever used PI adsb mutability so far in my ADS B life. What mode S are you running? Can you direct me to the scripts you have used to set up your mode S to use Joe’s mutability version? I have gotten rather fond of it.



    Using Dump1090-mutability with a Mode-S Beast (or Radarcape) is pretty easy once you know what to do 😀

    Following the installscript you have to check beast-splitter to be installed. During install confirm the two ports (30005 listen, 30104 connect).

    After installation you should edit /etc/default/dump1090-mutability to NOT listen on 30005 as dump1090 will NOT provide data any longer for piaware/flightaware. Also set dump1090 to –net-only!

    This way, beast-splitter will talk via USB to the Mode-S Beast and will from now on provide the data on 30005 listening port for piaware/flightaware and will connect to dump1090-mutability on port 30104 to provide the data for your local map in the browser.

    It works so far for me but…well… since dump1090 is working in net-only now, the collectd graphs wont produce any *local-data anymore…would be very happy to know, how to adapt the graphs script to work with the remote data coming in on port 30104..



    Thanks for all that. I have been trolling re all this and that was a problem I am deducing. Have you ever used Opensky Network. It has a lot of that sort of data info. As well as its own maps of your stn, which is absolutely simple to observer away from your network by simply logging into your opensky network from anywhere and there it all is. I have been using it only for a few days on my current muta set up, it is not too bad. Probably not exactly like the web portal but pretty close with regards to distances, message rates etc.



    Openskynetwork seems to be using dump1090 and therefore a rtlsdr stick following their How-Tos. Of course that produces the demandend performance graphs like message rate and signal strength, since the stick is directly connected to dump1090 and the performance graphs script works as intended.

    coming back to the initial question..

    The Graphs page only shows the “dump1090_messages-local_accepted”

    Since i actually have “dump1090_messages-remote_accepted.rrd” in /var/lib/collectd/rrd/localhost/dump1090-localhost/, which i assume are the messages coming remotly from beast-splitter, shouldn’t it be rather easy to make the corresponding PNGs out of it and plot them on the graphs page?

    I have been digging and looking at the different scripts for hours but i think this is beyond my knowledge..

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    Sorry, you will not be able to receive data for the receiver graphs using beast-splitter. DUmp1090-tools, which is what is used to collect such data, only works with RTL-SDR dongles which communicate directly with dump1090.

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