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    Welcome to the ADS-B Receiver Project support forum!

    Feel free to post topics pertaining to questions and/or issues you may be experiencing with your ADS-B Receiver setup. When asking for support please make sure to post in detail information about your setup.

    • The version you are running.
    • Which version of dump1090 you are using.
    • If you are suing the portal advanced or lite feature set.
    • The operating system and version of said operating system.
    • Output sent to your screen pertaining to any errors encountered.

    If your issue pertains to the portal please post any errors sent to the file /var/log/lighttpd/error.log.
    Copy and paste the output to your screen or run with the -l flag. which will generate a log file in the ~/adsb-receiver/logs directory.

    sudo ./ -l

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