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    I asked about this before, but I am here again because it just got more complicated. I need to do four things:

    Switch hardware from a Pi 3B to a Pi 3B+
    Upgrade from Jessie to Stretch
    Upgrade from the Romeo Golf fork with MySQL database to the main 2.6.1
    Preserve database entries and performance data

    The data is stored on a Western Digital PiDrive. So those are my goals. My question is what I need to do to accomplish them. What order should I go in? What are the commands to preserve my MySQL database and collectd data? How do I do this without screwing up and losing everything, while incurring the least amount of downtime?

    Any advice is appreciated…

    P.S. I am an old school Unix guy from before this fancy ‘Python’ and ‘Linux’ so I need a little help with more advanced stuff, but have the basics down pat.



    An updated image supporting the RPi 3 B+ is incoming tonight.
    If Romeo Gulf’s fork works on an RPi 3 B+ I would not know.
    I can only say tonight’s v2.6.2 release does work on said hardware.

    Help is always welcome hence the project being open source!
    Soon I hope the project will be Python heavy and any help will be welcome!

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