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    Anyone with information on Google, Bing, OpenStreetMaps, and/or Mapzen map overlays depicting current radar returns outside the United States are asked to supply sources of such data. I have been able to locate and add such data for the United States but have yet to look into or locate data for other regions. If you are interested in seeing such data on your maps let me know!

    Thanks in advance.



    Have you checked out Weather Underground?



    Thanks, this looks very promising. I did not realize Weather Underground offered map layers. Something I will defiantly be looking into.

    Looks like their radar layers may be behind the pay wall. Not sure but users might be able to use a developer account being most all the ADS-B Receiver Project sites are not public facing but this still might go against their terms of use with the developer account. If this account is only limited by the amount of requests it can make then it should be an option… I will have to look into their licensing and terms of use to see if it would be legal for users to use their service before offering it as an option.

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    You may like to check openweathermap…

    There is possibility for free API account for everyone (https://openweathermap.org/price). It is not a radar solution, but can be very helpful…

    See : https://openweathermap.org/weathermap?basemap=map&cities=true&layer=clouds&zoom=5

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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