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    Are there any setup instructions for Above Tustin? I track some weird aircraft around here and would like to know when they are up. The git repo is kind of sparse.




    The setup should walk you through what you need. It honestly has been awhile since I visited the option. Can you key me in to the issue(s) you are having?



    This is how I got AboveTustin working…

    I used the v2.6.2 Mutability Stretch image from the downloads page, and chose to install AboveTustin. It seems there are a few bits missing that need installing to get it all working.

    I had to cd into /home/pi/build/abovetustin/AboveTustin folder, and do

    virtualenv py3

    That ceates the py3 folder that’s referenced in the ./run_tracker.sh

    then I installed the dependencies and used the versions in requirements.txt as it seems that the current selenium doesn’t support phantomjs, these steps build up the required files in ./py3

    pip install pillow==4.3
    pip install twitter==1.18
    pip install requests==2.18.4
    pip install selenium==3.7.0

    then I got phantomjs from here https://github.com/fg2it/phantomjs-on-raspberry/releases/tag/v2.1.1-wheezy-jessie-armv6 and copied it to /usr/bin (having renamed the script installed phantomjs)

    My AboveTustin is on Twitter @AboveNWD

    Hope that helps


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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