Contributing to Version 3

Contributions to the v3 portal from the community are welcome at this time!

At this time development will be focused mainly on the portal itself. If you have experience with OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps V8 Web Controls, OpenLayers, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and/or CSS your help is be welcome. A current TODO list for the portal is located here. If you would like to help tackle one of this items feel free to do so at this time.

Portal Repository

At this time the v3 portal resides in it's own GitHub repository separate from the main project and will remain there until the end of stage one development. The repository is located at All contributions to the v3 portal should be made to this repository only.


Before contributing understand all contributions to the project will fall under the license the project is licensed under. By submitting code to the project you agree that the code you submit is compatable with the project's current license and that you have no issue with said code being distributed under the license which the project is currently licensed under.

Coding Guidelines

Pull Requests

When submitting a pull request make sure to explain what the changes accomplish. During portal development and up to the point the code contained within the portal specific repository is integrated into the main project repository pull requests may be made directly to the master branch.