Version 3 Alpha

Version 3 Alpha will be released to the public in two stages.

Stage 1: Portal Only
Stage 2: Portal With New Install Scripts

Stage 1: Portal Only coming soon

A total redesign of the portal is the main focus for version 3. I would like to complete work on the portal before continuing work on the script portion of the project. The new version of the portal should remain fully compatable with v2 setups at this time.


At this time you can run v3 of the portal side by side with your existing v2 portal installation!

Simply clone the adsb-portal repository into a directory contained within the directory /var/www/html. For example you can clone the repository into /var/www/html/v3/ and access the new portal by visiting the address http://IP_ADDRESS_OF_YOUR_RECEIVER/v3/ in your favorite web browser.

git clone /var/www/html/v3/

For now you will also need to configure the portal by hand. If you cloned the repository using the above command the configuration file will be located at /var/www/html/v3/includes/ To configure the portal open this file in your favorite text editor.

nano /var/www/html/v3/includes/

An explaination of the setting are as follows:

receiver => name
The name of this receiver.
receiver => latitude
The latitude at which the receiver is located.*
receiver => longitude
The longitude at which the receiver is located.*
maps => service
Currently 'bing' is the only option at this time.
maps => bing => zoom
Sets the inital zoom for the map being displayed.
maps => bing => key
Your bing maps api key goes here. **
graphs => measurement
Not used at this time.
graphs => networkInterface
Not used at this time.

* To obtain both latitude and longitude by street address you can use the form found here.
** You can obtain a Bing API key by following these instructions.

Stage 2: Portal With New Install Scripts waiting on stage one

Once development of the portal has been completed the second stage of the prerelease process will begin. This will be the final stage before v3.x is released to the general public. This stage will include everything needed to install v3.x on a new device or upgrade an existing device.