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Version 2.6.2 incoming.

A new v2.x release will be made shortly. Images for this release will use the latest Raspbian Lite March 2018 image to ensure compatibility with the new Raspberry Pi 3 B+ boards which were released a little over a week ago. Just got my hands on one tonight and would like to make sure things […]

Version 2.6.1 released.

Tonight I was able to finish up both the dump1090-mutability and dump1090-fa Raspbian Stretch images. With the completion of the images I can officially announce the release of v2.6.1. Being labeled as a minor version this release contains only bug fixes. However, the fixes include many major bug fixes which should be welcome news to […]

Version 2.6.1 now available in repository.

NOTE: v2.6.1 Raspbian images will be made available as soon as they have been created. I just finished up going through the issue tracker and addressing many issues related to v2.6.0. Many bugs have been addressed in this release and I am fairly confident that everything is in working order and ready to be made […]