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News pertaining to the ADS-B Receiver Projct.

Taking feeder client request for v2.7.0.

I am looking to catch up on feeder client requests in v2.7.0 which will be not only a bug fix but more so a new feature release. So far I have added OpenSky Network and ADSBhub and will be working on Radarbox24 but for devices running Raspbian only being a Raspberry Pi client is all […]

To jonhawkes, should have been said sooner…

Thanks you! Finally after a long down time was able to open the static bag and extract that awesome AirSpy Mini tonight and start working on support for it. Have gone through the steps and will be adding AirSpy support for 1090MHz into 2.7.0 if not sooner! I will be focusing on the bash side […]

What I have been doing over the past couple months.

Version 3.x is in development and is currently what I am focusing on… Over the past couple months I have been dedicating my free time to work on v3.0.0. This version will end up being a near total rewrite which when completed should move the project from a bash based system to an almost purely […]

Back to WordPress…

I was hoping the previous incarnation of the site would save me a few bucks by changing to a Windows server I had access to. However, I was not all that happy with the software used on the Windows server as a way to relay news about the project. In order to utilize the software […]