Taking feeder client request for v2.7.0.

28 Jun

Taking feeder client request for v2.7.0.

I am looking to catch up on feeder client requests in v2.7.0 which will be not only a bug fix but more so a new feature release. So far I have added OpenSky Network and ADSBhub and will be working on Radarbox24 but for devices running Raspbian only being a Raspberry Pi client is all Radarbox24 offers. Except for Radarbox24 support the others have already been added to the 2.7.0 branch which I will not call ready for primetime yet but if you are a daring soul would love feedback on. Keep in mind OGN support is a possibility if there is call for it. Being OGN requires a separate RTL-SDR dongle to run I was thinking about tossing it into a later release including possibly ACARS support both of which I will leave up to the community as to if they want said support and which should be placed before the other if so. No guarantees however being this is an ADS-B project! Additional decoders I could see being added in maybe v2.8.x if said additions are truly wanted by the community.

Anyways, I have created a new forum on this site dedicated to feature requests. The issue tracker is also a good place to voice your opinion as far as new features go as well.

In the meantime I will be continually working on fixes to any issues encountered in the latest release and be sure to add them into the what I am expecting to be the soon to be released v2.7.0.

Oh almost forgot.

Someone mentioned dump1090-hptoa as a possible decoder option. The concept seemed interesting to me so I went ahead and created a rough installation process which is a part of the 2.7.0 branch. If it becomes part of the upcoming v2.7.0 release I do not know. I am curious as to if anyone is even interested in this version of dump1090 and if it will even work with any of the services out there. Any input as to if I should go forward with finishing things up with this decoder would be appreciated!




  1. I just tried the install of your current receiver and was most impressed. The scripts worked like magic on my Pi 3b+ w/stretch. I have also installed and messed a bit with the dump1090-hptoa package you have in your 2.7.0 branch. I’m interested in providing the best mlat data possible to ads-b exchange and hope this client can get included in the 2.7.0 release.

  2. I have tried v2.7.0 about 2 weeks ago, and it installed everything (including Opensky-feeder) successfully, trouble free and smoothly. :+1:

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