Version 2.6.3 released.

23 Jun

Version 2.6.3 released.

This is a bug fix release. Those setting up clean installations utilizing SQLite should be happy with this one being it fixes a game breaking bug which existed in v2.6.2. There were a few other minor, or to some might have been major fixes as well. Below you will see the full CHANGELOG for this release.

  • Fix to navigation bar auto hiding code submitted by @vitaliy-sk.
  • SQLite query fix submitted by @vitaliy-sk.
  • DefaultCenterLat and DefaultCenterLon in dump1090-mutabilities config.js is now set.
  • Checks for the location of socat and uses the proper path to feed ADS-B Exchange.
  • Added switch to force apt update when executing
  • Updated current Planefinder client versions to 4.1.1.
  • Updated current dump1090-fa version to 3.2.3.
  • The system page bandwidth meter now defaults to MB/sec on fresh installations.

As always You can download the the latest image form GitHub…
Or update your existing installation the same as you have in the past.

A special thanks to this release’s VIP, @vitaliy-sk, who submitted a fix to the SQLite issue as well as the navigation bar auto hide functionality!



  1. Joe,
    I re-ran the install script to hopefully update my install. It doesn’t seem to want to do anything other than recompile dump1090 and the ADS-B Exchange scripts. I thought all I had to do is just re-run the script and it would pull the latest changes off of GitHub. What am I doing wrong?


    1. If your third party applications which you have installed are up to date an option to install/update them will not be shown. Certain applications such as dump1090-mutability will of coarse show a reinstall option due to the fact changes are made to the project master branch often without a release being made. Also others such as the flightradar24 feeder once installed are updated via their own apt repositories which are updated by using their apt repositories by running apt, apt update/apt upgrade hence the reason they are not shown.

      If you are concerned that your ADS-B Receiver Project scripts were not updated for some reason run the following commands which will ensure, as long as more recent files have not been changed on your end manually, that you have the latest files from the master branch.

      cd ~/adsb-receiver
      git pull

      A good way to find out if in fact your ADS-B Receiver Project files are up to date is to upgrade the portal which is an option always available. If the system information page reports you are running the latest release which at this time is v2.6.3 then you defiantly have the latest files. That or check for the existence of the file ~/adsb-receiver/build/portal/html/install/upgrade-v2.6.3.php which would be specific to the release.

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