Version 2.6.2 is here!

7 Apr

Version 2.6.2 is here!

Delayed a bit but it is here. Finally after making the dreaded trip east of Cleveland to Micro Center I was finally able to get the latest Raspberry Pi hardware to test things out… Anyways v2.6.2 is available in both image form and via Git as always. This release does not bring much new to the table however, those folks looking for a fresh start on new Raspberry Pi hardware should hopefully have no issues using these images. Anyways here goes the CHANGELOG…

  • Images created using the latest version of Raspbian which supports the Raspberry Pi 3 b+.
  • Option to install dump1090-fa removed on Ubuntu 17.10 or higher due to cx_freeze issue.
  • Fixed so Ubunbtu 17.10 and higher properly installs PHP 7.1 and its related packages.
  • ADS-B Exchange run script now uses socat instead of netcat to send data.
  • Removed Mapzen support from the scripts due to the service shutting down.
  • Added option to auto hide portal navigation and footer elements. (thanks to @Mictronics)
  • User can opt to skip the installation of the Postfix MTA using the –mta= flag.
  • OS and release variables temporarily exported to save repeating the detection process.

I will admit the “Added option to auto hide portal navigation and footer elements.” is not tested what so ever. I honestly did not wish to look into it being I am working on something specific to the project hopefully making the issue moot point. However, @Mictronics sent a pull request which seems to be on par with what folks wanted. I will leave things at that and hope life slows down enough to allow me to add some more feature I have in mind I am sure you will like!

Anyways here is the link to the latest images.

Almost forgot.
Those upgrading their hardware to a RPi 3 B+ make sure you got the watts and amps!



    1. Please refer to the issue for my original reply. If you see this first try deleting the directory /home/pi/adsb-receiver/build/dump1090-mutability/ and running the script again. Sounds like a difrent user was used the last time the dump1090-mutability repository was cloned resulting in the scripts not being able to update your local copy of the dump1090-mutability source code repository due to permissions issues.

  1. Hi, Joe. This a really great project and I appreciate all of the hard work. Just upgraded from 2.6.0 to 2.6.2 today with no issues. I did submit an issue where the ICAO stored in ‘Flight Data’ does not match the live data for the same flight. I did first see the issue 2.6.0, but i never got around to submitting an issue for it. Sorry about that.

    Thanks again for all you do!

  2. My setup has been humming along quite nicely for over a year on an older version, glad to see your back at the project! Looking forward to updating. Thanks again for all your great work.


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