Version 2.6.2 Committed, Images today maybe?

7 Apr

Version 2.6.2 Committed, Images today maybe?

But my whole network is a mess with this stupid Spectrum router assigning IPv6 addresses causing all sorts of grief for my Raspberry Pis and virtual machines connecting to the Internet. Even disabled IPv6 in the router my network is still a mess. Thinking going by going against my better judgement and switching back to cable after swearing I never would 10 years ago was a BIG mistake. Still trying to get the images out tonight or should I say this morning so it’s looking. If I can get a connection to a *NIX box on my LAN I might just be able to…

After literally rebooting my whole house I was finally able to connect to one of my virtual machines which will allow me to shrink/archive the releases. Things go well I should have the images up by morning EST. Still stewing on the hatred and my mistake switching to Spectrum, aka. Charter it would seem. Thinking the 75 dollars a month savings over Dish/Windstream was not worth it…

Another Update:
FA image has been uploaded. Mutabilty is on it’s way!


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