Version 2.6.2 incoming.

24 Mar

Version 2.6.2 incoming.

A new v2.x release will be made shortly. Images for this release will use the latest Raspbian Lite March 2018 image to ensure compatibility with the new Raspberry Pi 3 B+ boards which were released a little over a week ago. Just got my hands on one tonight and would like to make sure things work properly with the new hardware revisions. This will mean a new image built upon the latest Rasbian Lite March 2018 image should be made available shortly.

As far as changes to the scripting there will not be a whole lot of changes. Most of the changes contained within this release pertain to Ubuntu 17.10. More details on these and other changes will be outlined in the release announcement once it has been made officially available.

Look for version 2.6.2 to be released this weekend.

UPDATE: (3/23/2018)
Hit a snag in that my last planned task for v2.6.2 which pertain to removing the options to install dump1090-fa, which has been addressed, and PiAware, which has yet to be addressed, on Ubuntu 17.10 due to the fact PiAware will not build on said distro/release. Once I remove the option to install PiAware for those using Ubuntu 17.10 things should be good to go. Problem is my Ubuntu 17.10 Hyper-V VM at home is not playing nice with me tonight…

UPDATE: (3/26/2018)
Had a couple reported bugs in the master branch which should be addressed before v2.6.2 is released. Going to make a full court press tomorrow evening to get things finalized, tagged, and images completed. Sorry for the delay… Soon my friends wishing to install a fresh image on those brand new Raspberry Pi 3 B+’s. If you are in a rush apt upgrade on an RPi 1/2/3 B before migrating the card to your RPi 3 B+ should have you up and running!



  1. A wise bit of advice from one of the FA techs, David Baxter and the new PI3 B+. He stated PI3 B+ will not work on the previous version of PI Aware that may be installed on your SD card.

    “Yes. This is also possible if you are upgrading from a Pi 3 to a Pi 3B+.

    Before you move to Pi 3B+ you need to run

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade

    This will grab the OS changes needed to run the stock piaware SD card image to be useable on a Pi 3B+.

    As far as I know, just using the stock piaware image will not boot on a Pi 3B+. You need to have a spare Pi 3B to update the OS first or follow what I wrote above.””

    Now I pulled him up on this as I just took out my card, put it in the 3 B+, and away it went. However, on my other card, which I tried in the 3 B+, it did not boot up. I wondered why is the so and deduced that I must have done a very recent
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    with that first card. So I had to put the 2nd card back on my 3 B, do the update/upgrade and away it went on the 3 B+ 🙂

    1. I am suspecting it is not due to the fact dump1090-fa/PiAware will not work with the RPi 3 B+ but instead older versions of Raspbian will not work due to hardware changes. I would think that is why doing and apt upgrade on the RPi 3 B before migrating the card to an RPi 3 B+ worked for you. The software needed to run the new hardware I am guessing as in the past was added to Raspbian Jessie March 2018. Hence the as stated reason I want to get a new release based on the latest version of Raspbian out the door ASAP. That way we know everything is there for the new board to work properly.

      Problem is something always comes up as a problem when dealing with supporting desktop/server distros as well as Raspbian… 🙂

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