Website email issue fixed.

6 Mar

Website email issue fixed.

It was brought to my attention today that emails being sent from this site were not working. This more than likely caused issues with visitors not being able to confirm newly created accounts or retrieve forgotten passwords. I tracked the issue back to a bad SendGrid API key which I apparently entered wrongly into the WordPress SendGrid plugin settings. This resulted in the site not being able to authenticate with SendGrid thus not being able to send emails. If you recently registered an account on this site and are not able to log in due to the fact you were unable to confirm your registration please use the forgot password option in order to receive an email which will not only confirm your password but allow you to reset it as well if you so desire. I apologize for the headaches this may have caused and can only offer an excuse that I was working on getting v2.6.1 out at the same time I was rebuilding the site.

If you continue to have issues logging into the site feel free to contact me using the form found at Please supply the login you chose on this site and a way to respond back to you and I will be sure to get your account up and running ASAP.

Another website update pertains to the current theme and the forums. The theme has been updated and now displays the forums properly. This being said once again the site has a somewhat aviation looking template! There are a few more modifications I need to make to the theme but it looks better than it had the last couple days…


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