Version 2.6.1 now available in repository.

28 Feb

Version 2.6.1 now available in repository.

NOTE: v2.6.1 Raspbian images will be made available as soon as they have been created.

I just finished up going through the issue tracker and addressing many issues related to v2.6.0. Many bugs have been addressed in this release and I am fairly confident that everything is in working order and ready to be made into a new v2.6.1 release. This being said the code residing in the master branch of the repository will install or upgrade your receiver to v2.6.1. Next up on my TODO list is the creation of the usual Raspbian images. I will be working on getting the dump1090-mutability release done tonight and if time allows work on the dump1090-fa release as well. Once the images have been made available a ,ore detailed release announcement will be made.


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