What I have been doing over the past couple months.

24 Feb

What I have been doing over the past couple months.

Version 3.x is in development and is currently what I am focusing on…

Over the past couple months I have been dedicating my free time to work on v3.0.0. This version will end up being a near total rewrite which when completed should move the project from a bash based system to an almost purely web based system. The goal is to make tasks such as installing, updating, and managing features totally web based without the need to log directly into the server and run bash scripts to accomplish such tasks or manually edit files to configure third party software located on the devices file system.

Version 3.x is being developed using Python as the main language. I will admit Python as not in the past been one of my go to programming languages so the going has been a bit slow as I try my best to ensure the project will not contain too much jumbled up code and works properly. I am hoping to have an alpha quality release available shortly with a limited selection of features available for use. I cannot set a definite date at this time but will say that an alpha release will soon be available for those wishing to test drive the future direction of the project.

As for v2.x and it’s future…

I have to apologize for neglecting the issue tracker over the past few months. I will be dedicating time to addressing as many of the issues posted there over this weekend. Once the issue tracker has been at least cleared of any critical issues I will be releasing v2.6.1 which will contain fixes for these issues hopefully making you, the users once again happy with me.

Due to the fact v3.x is such a different beast from any previous version of the software once v3.0.0 is in working order and ready for release v2.x will be given a dedicated branch. The v2.x branch will mainly contain only bug fixes to the current code as well as contain updates allowing it to continue to work as newer third party software as it is released. As for new features do not expect to see many if any added to v2.x branch once it is relegated to it’s own branch when v3.0.0 is released.



  1. Hi Joe,
    Just a word to thank you for the hard work and dedication to people like me, who have been starting from scratch in ADSB projects with no knowledge. Thanks to you and some other fantastic guys on forums, I now have my set up and running, and I am been learning (and still learning) a lot.

  2. Joe,
    Do you see a migration path to v3 from previous installs? I have pretty robust flight database from the romeo-golf branch of v2.5-2.6 that I would like to keep and continue to integrate.


    1. There will defiantly be an upgrade path from those running v2.x when upgrading to v3.x. I would hate to see people have to start collecting data again from scratch just because they upgraded to a newer version of the software. I will however need to look at romeo-gulf’s branch to make sure there are no modifications to the database structure compared to what in in the master branch.

      Last time I looked I think there were a couple fields added which were part of a planned feature upgrade I added in the development branch romeo-golf’s fork was created from. If that’s the case this will not impede any upgrade functionality when going from v2.x to v3.x.

      1. I really appreciate what you have built for us. I’ve had a stable production system with very little downtime for over a year. Thanks for that.

        I am running on a Pi 3 under Raspbian Jessie Lite. With the release of Stretch, I’m concerned that I will lose all my collected data since mysql is no longer part of the Raspbian distro. I’d don’t have the skills to build the needed conversion scripts. I also don’t want to lose a year of data that I planned to use to do some correlation work.

        Do you have any thoughts? Am I just hosed?

        1. Not to worry MySQL was replaced in Stretch by a fork of MySQL called MariaDB which is a drop in replacement for MySQL created by many of the original MySQL developers after Oracle acquired MySQL. That being said things will work the same as they did on MySQL once migrated to MariaDB.

          1. Good deal! Any way we can entice you to include that migration and the MariaDB install as part of your distro? I’m sure everyone would appreciate it.

            Thanks again for your package. It is so nice to have everything tied together for you…


          2. It is all seamless being it is a drop in replacement with no changes needed to the commands contained within the project’s files being MySQL commands work the same with MariaDB.

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