Back to WordPress…

24 Feb

Back to WordPress…

I was hoping the previous incarnation of the site would save me a few bucks by changing to a Windows server I had access to. However, I was not all that happy with the software used on the Windows server as a way to relay news about the project. In order to utilize the software properly I would have had to dedicate too much time modifying the source to make it what I needed. This time I felt would be better dedicated to the creation of version 3. So today I spun up a new Ubuntu instance on AWS and switched the site back to WordPress. Sadly there was no way to import the data from the ASP.NET MVC application previously being used. So here are once more with a total reboot of the website. I would like to apologize to everyone for the loss of data and from here on out rest assured after this latest adventure WordPress and this AWS EC2 instance are here to stay. I still have work to do to the site mainly involving the creation of a decent looking theme. For now however what we have here now should tide us over until I find the free time away from work on the project to address it.


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