Taking feeder client request for v2.7.0.

Taking feeder client request for v2.7.0.

I am looking to catch up on feeder client requests in v2.7.0 which will be not only a bug fix but more so a new feature release. So far I have added OpenSky Network and ADSBhub and will be working on Radarbox24 but for devices running Raspbian only being a Raspberry Pi client is all […]

Version 2.6.3 released.

This is a bug fix release. Those setting up clean installations utilizing SQLite should be happy with this one being it fixes a game breaking bug which existed in v2.6.2. There were a few other minor, or to some might have been major fixes as well. Below you will see the full CHANGELOG for this […]

Version 2.6.3 Committed, Images on the way.

Version 2.6.3 is now available in the master branch of the repository. This release contains bug fixes with a couple updates to third party software versions. Those wishing to upgrade their current receivers to this latest version are welcome to do so at this time as well as anyone wanting to setup v2.6.3 on their […]

Version 2.6.2 is here!

Delayed a bit but it is here. Finally after making the dreaded trip east of Cleveland to Micro Center I was finally able to get the latest Raspberry Pi hardware to test things out… Anyways v2.6.2 is available in both image form and via Git as always. This release does not bring much new to […]

Version 2.6.2 Committed, Images today maybe?

But my whole network is a mess with this stupid Spectrum router assigning IPv6 addresses causing all sorts of grief for my Raspberry Pis and virtual machines connecting to the Internet. Even disabled IPv6 in the router my network is still a mess. Thinking going by going against my better judgement and switching back to […]

Version 2.6.2 incoming.

A new v2.x release will be made shortly. Images for this release will use the latest Raspbian Lite March 2018 image to ensure compatibility with the new Raspberry Pi 3 B+ boards which were released a little over a week ago. Just got my hands on one tonight and would like to make sure things […]

To jonhawkes, should have been said sooner…

Thanks you! Finally after a long down time was able to open the static bag and extract that awesome AirSpy Mini tonight and start working on support for it. Have gone through the steps and will be adding AirSpy support for 1090MHz into 2.7.0 if not sooner! I will be focusing on the bash side […]

Website email issue fixed.

It was brought to my attention today that emails being sent from this site were not working. This more than likely caused issues with visitors not being able to confirm newly created accounts or retrieve forgotten passwords. I tracked the issue back to a bad SendGrid API key which I apparently entered wrongly into the […]

Version 2.6.1 released.

Tonight I was able to finish up both the dump1090-mutability and dump1090-fa Raspbian Stretch images. With the completion of the images I can officially announce the release of v2.6.1. Being labeled as a minor version this release contains only bug fixes. However, the fixes include many major bug fixes which should be welcome news to […]

Version 2.6.1 now available in repository.

NOTE: v2.6.1 Raspbian images will be made available as soon as they have been created. I just finished up going through the issue tracker and addressing many issues related to v2.6.0. Many bugs have been addressed in this release and I am fairly confident that everything is in working order and ready to be made […]