The ADS-B Receiver Project

Create your own ADS-B receiver and web portal.

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The ADS-B Receiver Project Portal

The ADS-B Receiver Project scripts offer the option to install a web based portal developed to work together with the software you decide to install. Portal features in Version 2 include the following...

Supported Operating Systems

The installation scripts are being developed and tested on the following operating systems.
However, they should work on most all recent Debian based Linux distributions as well.

Supported Hardware

A receiver can be run on a multitude of different hardware platforms. However, the CPU architecture needs to be either i386, x86-64, or ARM compatable. Some feature may not be available on some platforms, in particular features such as the system performance graphs.

The following hardware is officially being supported at this time.*

* It would be impossible at this time to officially support all single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi with the multitude of single-board computer variants currently available on the market. As additional single-board computers becomes more popular and mainstream the option to support them officially will be addressed. Until then support can be found for some of the more popular boards from the community.